I believe Jean Piaget best summed up my view on education, and what I have learned from taking this graduate course at Regis, when he said, “Whenever you teach a child something you take away forever their chance of discovering it for themselves.”

When I started this course I hadn’t really thought about my educational philosophy or the theoretical underpinnings of the way I taught. I knew what worked in my class and that was good enough for the time being. After all, in those first few years I was just trying to survive more than anything. But after awhile, as I began to form my own opinions, I noticed that there were divisions in the way that educators thought a class should be run. I found myself moving towards what I would later learn as constructivism, and what I’ve learned in the Regis program has further validated this shift. This portfolio reflects this view, both directly and indirectly.

Here you will find reflections on nine of the graduate courses that I took at Regis University, along with projects, discussions and papers which represent artifacts that have affected the way I view education. In them you will find that my tendency to take a constructivist approach when it comes to lesson planning and classroom management. This is an approach that has been reached in good part due to the research I conducted as part of the program, and the fellow teachers that I had a chance to work with.

Thank you for taking the time to look around and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me.

– Tom Bach