10 More Ways to Use Blogs in the Classroom

The link provided in the syllabus is a bit old and the site has vanished into the abyss of the internet, so I’ve just come up with a few ways to use blogs in the class and separated them by the group who benefits.


  1. Create a portfolio throughout the year.
  2. Share materials, such as rough drafts, with other students in order to get feedback.
  3. Daily journal reflecting on the lesson.


  1. Provide students with current course material in a convenient format.
  2. Create an anonymous space for class discussions.
  3. Start question chains where a student answers a question the teacher posts and then posts one of their own for another student to answer.
  4. Go further into topics when there isn’t enough time in class.


  1. Keep in touch with parents, students and teachers about upcoming events.
  2. Create a photo blog of events.
  3. Provide an easy way to comment on upcoming changes to school curriculum and encourage parents to make their voice heard.


  1. Use school and teacher blogs to keep track of what students are learning.
  2. Take an active role in school events by posting comments.
  3. Take an active role in the class when teachers ask for parent input on a subject or a situation.


  1. Inform parents and staff of upcoming PTA meetings and ways the district might be changing.

More ideas here:

Keeping the class safe when blogging:

Teacher’s and students share their experiences:


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